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Indoor air environments can affect the Health of the people who live in them. As energy costs have risen, air tightness in our homes has increased "trapping indoor air pollutants". Statistics show, we now spend a remarkable 90%* of our lives indoors. We live, work, grow & play in artificial environments. The concern is, are they healthy? *EPA

What can the Respicaire AirSterilizer Pro® Air Treatment System do for you?
The Respicaire AirSterilizer Pro® is a powerful - Multi-Process air cleansing system. Its potent purification technology utilizes Ultra Violet light to accelerate ionic, oxidative processes that help eliminate airborne odors, VOC's, bacteria, virus, mildew, microbials & molds. It features our patented "Spiroplate" catalytic chamber that emits active air cleansers. These natural cleansers migrate throughout your home to destroy airborne contaminants wherever they roam.

Aerospace Technology - The AirSterilizer Pro® works 4 ways to purify your indoor air.

The Respicaire AirSterilizer Pro® features aerospace technology designed to purify indoor air in space. By producing four natural oxidative cleansers, multi process reactions are created to remove harmful airborne contaminants as well as surface pollutants. It is a remarkable & effective "whole home" air treatment system.

We currently serve the
Kane County Area

We currently serve the
Kane County Area

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